How To Win Contests

Contests are great, aren’t they? Who wouldn’t want to win one? Only thing is, they’re completely chance and usually there’s not very good odds at winning. Which still stands true, but I’m gonna tell you something. I’ve won a few. Ya that’s right, I’ve won some contests in my time, 2 within the last 6 months actually.

What Types of Contests Are There?

Well for me I’d split contests into two categories, ones with paid entries and ones you can enter for free. I would consider the lottery as an example of a paid entries type contest. I don’t really like those. I like being able to win stuff for free, so that’s what I’m going to focus on with this section of my site.

Then you could differentiate the contests even more by the types of entries and by the frequency allowed. The type of entry could be as simple as submitting your name and contact info or it could be as fancy as writing an essay. Frequency can also vary, anywhere from you’re only allowed to enter once to you can enter as many times as you like.

With any and all contests though, make sure you trust the brand/sponsors who are holding it. There are many scams out there that are just trying to get your contact info. All of the sites I share in this section will be legit and will be from my own personal experience, so you can at least put your faith in them.

Who Can Win Contests?

Well it all varies depending on the sponsors themselves. For the majority of contests I come across you need to be at least age of majority where you reside. For me in BC that’s 19.

If you’re younger than the age of majority, you can possibly still enter though because sometimes in the rules it’ll say you just need a parent/guardian to accept the prize on your behalf. I recommend definitely reading the eligibility section of the rules with and before every contest you choose to enter.

How Can I Win?

You can check out any of the methods I’m sharing in the drop down menu under Contests. Orrrr you can select one from below. (Giving you the choice, but they’re identical btw)


Have any thoughts or questions on what you just read? Leave em below, I’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you tons of luck,

Calista 🙂



6 thoughts on “How To Win Contests”

  1. Nice post! I always get so excited when I see contests, more so on Instagram. This is especially true when they aren’t super popular. An example being a local supplement store had one, it’s a great giveaway and it wasn’t crazy popular/competitive. The draw is tomorrow! Contests are so fun! What is your favourite part about contests?

    1. Thank you! Ya I agree with you, it’s great when they’re not super popular. Oh I wish you good luck! My favourite part is that they’re often free to enter 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this informative and educative article. This article is a must read for everyone because one way or the other everybody will be involve in a contest and reading this article has really enlighten me on how to win a contest and luckily for me there is a contest ahead of me so I will apply these principles in this article.

  3. Thank you Calista for such an interesting post

    I’ve entered a few contests too in time past, and usually, mine is about writing! So, i resonate and truly consider essay writing fanciful

    Usually i confirm the authenticity of the brands before committing time and energy to such.

    Two within the last 6 months is good number though, I won a few thousands for a scholarship contest years back.

    Thanks for putting this article together, i had a good time reading through.

    1. Oh nice job entering writing contests. Wow, a few thousands that’s great! Thank you for your comment, glad you enjoyed my post.

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